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All the artwork I deem to be ok’ish enough to be posted online.

Ranging from photos to photo edits and videos.

Burger on Bed

This work was created as a test run for the first project in one of my university courses on my semester abroad in Canada.

Every time I make these vegetarian burgers, they are always too small and not enought. This version would be so much better to have.

Beneath Concrete

The first project of the course, where “Burger on Bed” was created.

It features a photography of the Inukshuk, an outdoor inuksuk by Alvin Kanak, which is installed at English Bay in Vancouver, Canada. It represents “northern hospitality and friendship”. Inuksuit are not build by the First Nations around Vancouver, as this was commisioned by the Government of the Northwest Territories for EXPO 86 and later given to the City of Vancouver.

Beneath Concrete was created by me to be a piece on mental health. However, as art and its conception are very subjective, there is no definitive answer on the true meaning of this artwork.